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If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days of placing your order: If we supply the wrong product or if the product is in any way faulty or damaged, we will exchange it for the correct one. If you are not happy with the product and it was not what you were looking for, we will refund your purchase price excluding costs related to shipping, packaging, handling, online payment collection charges, tax, anything that you have already consumed etc...

In order to start the refund process you will need to notify our sales team about your dissatisfaction within 30 days of placing your order. In order to be eligible for the refund:

- You will need to return all the contents of the package that were sent  to you including the sealed bottles, instructions material if any, invoice, complimentary products etc...
- The return shipment address will be emailed to you by our sales team upon request.
- The return package should reach us within 30 days of receiving your initial order.
- None of the contents of the box should be torned, damaged or missing.
- You will be required to bear return shipment cost.
- The refund amount will be sent through cheque in the name of the person who ordered the product
- The cheque will be processed within 60 days of receiving your package back.

The following orders/requests will be excluded from the money back guarantee

- Any claims made after 30 days of placing the order
- If the package returned is empty or missing with any of the originally shipped contents
- If the sleal of the product is broken or torned
- The package will not be accepted if returned to us without informing us through email first at
- If you have ordered a single trial bottle of nofat

General Terms for Refund Compensation
The compensation for the money back guarantee will be based on the following questions:

- we do not accept refund requests for single trial bottle.
- in case of more then one bottle purchased then we will only take back bottles which are sealed.
- the cost of sealed bottles will be calculated as per the single bottle price show in the your invoice. So in case you purchased fifty five hundered package then the cost for one bottle comes down to sixteen hundered each after deducting tax & handling charges.
- if you have received any complimentary product along with nofat then you are expected to return the same unsed in order to validate your refund request.
- if you have already used or opened the complimentary product then 50% of the mrp cost of this complimentary product will be deducted from your refund amount over & above all other charges mentioned above.
- in case of any disputes the decision of nrd enterprises will be final.
- all disputes shall be settled through New Delhi courts only.

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